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Dragon Riders - Leather Fingerless Biker Gloves, Driving Gloves

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【M】:palm circumference 7.1''-7.5''
【L】:palm circumference 7.9''-8.3''
【XL】:palm circumference 8.7''-9.1''
【XXL】:palm circumference 9.5''-9.9''
【XXXL】: palm circumference 10.3''+
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The best fingerless leather biker gloves you can own!Made from high quality soft italian leather.
These gloves are made from 100% real leather, are free of chemicals, hand-sewn.


Step 1: Clear the area.

Step 2: Feel the top-end leather as you slip your Dragon Riders on.

Step 3: Revel at their carved & cast, antiqued brass crocodile spikes cresting the rise of your hands.

Step 4: Fire up your dragon.

You may have to fend off the hordes as they try to possess these rare custom fingerless gloves, in black or cream, and handcrafted with astonishing detail for a badass reptilian aesthetic.


Measure with a measuring tape across the widest, meatiest part of your hand, not including your thumb, while making a fist(see photo).

M: palm circumference 7.1''-7.5'' (or18-19cm)   【Suitable for height < 5'7 (or < 170 cm) and weight < 132 lbs (or < 60KG)】

L: palm circumference 7.9''-8.3'' (or 20-21cm)  【Suitable for height 5'7''- 5'9'' (or 170-175cm)   cm and weight 132-154 lbs (or 60-70KG)】

XL: palm circumference 8.7''-9.1'' (or 22-23cm)   【Suitable for height 5'9''- 5'11'' (or 175-180cm)   cm and weight 154-176 lbs (or 70-80KG)】

XXL: palm circumference 9.5''-9.9'' (or 24-25cm)   【Suitable for height 5'11''- 6'1'' (or 180-185cm)   cm and weight 176-198 lbs (or 80-90KG)】

XXXL: palm circumference 10.3''+ (or 26cm+)   【Suitable for height 6'1''+ (or 185cm+)   cm and weight 200 lbs+ (or 90KG+)】

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Benefits of Fingerless Gloves 

While full-leather gloves are fine for part of the year, they can be too hot in the summer. A good alternative is fingerless  gloves. 

  • Hand protection. While fingerless gloves aren't as protective as full-coverage gloves, they can protect the palms and knuckles from abrasions, blisters, and other types of minor injuries.
  • Better grip. Since your fingers are more dexterous in fingerless gloves as opposed to full-coverage gloves, you have more control over the brake and clutch levers and other controls.
  • Minimize sweat. Fingerless gloves are designed to provide more airflow to your hands than full-coverage gloves. As a result, your hands should sweat less. Sweaty gloves are uncomfortable and not very appealing.