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Safe Anti-Scald Set 4PCS

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No longer worry about getting burned from hot bowls or dishes from hot steamers, microwave ovens, or ovens.“ Safe Anti-Scald Set (4pcs Included)” is heat-resistant and easy to use with good grip, which can protect you from high-temperature scalds. It is a necessity in your kitchen!!


  • Heat-Resistant and High-Quality: It allows you to safely take hot pots, trays, and bowls from microwave ovens, ovens, air fryers, boiling pots, and hot pots or steamers. Avoid scalding your hands when picking it up with bare hands, or plate falling for using a towel with insufficient grip.
  • Anti-Scald Clip; Steady: The anti-scald clip adopts a zigzag-shaped clamping mouth and wavy handle, which can more securely clamp the items and make the grip more stable. Whether it is a small bowl, a plate, a large and heavy iron basin, or a casserole, it can be easily picked up without slipping and shaking.
  • Bowl Tongs; No Damage to the Dishes, Non-Slip: Made of silicone and with the wave patterns design, the front end of the bowl tong has high friction, preventing slippage and protecting the dishes from scratches.
  • Anti-Scald Gloves; Flexible to Use: The anti-scald gloves made of food-grade materials are heat-insulated and safe. It is more flexible and convenient for you while use.


  • Size: Anti-Scald Clip: 8.8*18.3cm/3.5*7.2in
  • Bowl Tongs: 13*17.1cm/5*6.7in
  • Anti-Scald Gloves: 8*11cm/3*4.3in
  • Color: Blue, Pink


1* Safe Anti-Scald Set (4pcs Included)